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Coco Lores

Coco Lores. Sustainable Fashion. Für Frauen, die Zukunft gestalten.

I am very happy to be able to guide Coco Lores on her way into the future.

Based on the great DNA, we have worked on the expansion of the positioning, on the real purpose and have asked ourselves how Coco Lores can become even more sustainable. Especially in these times, when it is so important to have durable and sustainable products in our assortment. Products that are produced fairly and with the most innovative materials and that also address the individual needs of the customers.

With added value that is really relevant for women in business, for more sustainability in the product range and for more cooperation with like-minded companies. And in the person of Olivia Dahlem, the founder and owner of Coco Lores, I have also found the best customer who shares these common values. Coco Lores. Sustainable Fashion. For women who shape the future. https://www.coco-lores.com/