Christine Fehrenbach


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The Cradle to Cradle Congress is the world’s largest platform for Cradle to Cradle – every year the C2C community meets decision-makers from economy, science, politics and society. Forums, speeches and expert discussions provide space for exchange and networking.

Our actors contribute to the development of alternative approaches and therefore enhance the idea of a positive footprint. As part of the Congress some companies present their products and illustrate the possibilities within the scope of C2C and their practical implementation.

Friederike von Wedel-Parlow is the designer and founder of the Beneficial Design Institute in Berlin. After years of practice as an entrepreneur with her own fashion label, costume designer and as a staff member at the Chair Westwood of the UdK Berlin, she pursues the goal of sustainable design with quality, innovation and aesthetics. Since 2011, she has been leading the master's program "Sustainability in Fashion" at the ESMOD Berlin Art College. At the congress she introduced the Beneficial Design Institute and presented the Cradle to Cradle project with Manufactum, which was initiated by Christine Fehrenbach.