Christine Fehrenbach

Lecture: Beneficial design

Bio. Innovations. Strengthen. SUSTAINABLE & BIOBASED Innovative consumer goods with sustainable business models.

Lecture: Quality and Innovation. Beneficial design as a holistic innovation concept in fashion.

Manufactum. From the study project to the marketable Cradle to Cradle product.

Initiated by Christine Fehrenbach, Head of Brand Development Manufactum, Prof. Friederike von Wedel, Director of MA Sustainability in Fashion, ESMOD Berlin

Implementation with Angele Zettner, Head of Creative Purchasing with advice from BeneficialDesign Institute

As part of the event "Sustainable & Biobased" at the TechQuartier in Frankfurt

The consumption of food, cosmetics, clothing and many other lifestyle products needs to become more sustainable in order to protect our environment and resources, while at the same time serving the population that will continue to grow in the future.

Committed to the principles of sustainability, companies and young start-ups are aiming for a change in the product landscape for more sustainable consumption. It becomes clear that sustainability does not begin or end with the customer at the shop counter. New bio-based materials, energy- and resource-efficient production are now included in product development, as well as recycling strategies and effective recycling.

Sustainability thus becomes a business model that carries product innovations right through to the end customer - sustainable & biobased.

With organic. Innovations. Strengthen. Hessen, a leading technology partner, is networking the drivers of bio-based innovations, thereby accelerating the transfer of technological expertise to marketable products and technologies.