Christine Fehrenbach

"Technology meets creative industries".

Workshop. Creativity meets technology.

Creativity and technology drive each other. The field of interactive technologies is forward-looking, but often lacking access and know-how. What does it take to develop and use these new technologies sensibly and profitably?

Hessen Agentur Kreativwirtschaft Hessen Agentur would like to work with the Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH Digital Hessen office to find out for you in Hessen how we can successfully connect technologies and cultural and creative industries and what cooperation approaches it has with regional and international network partners could give. Which structures already exist and which requirements exist?

Participants expect presentations on the topic "Technology meets cultural and creative industries" based on the successful example of DART, a hub from Zurich and San Francisco, DART sees itself as a "testing lab" at the interface of design, art, research and technology. The aim is to promote experimental approaches that demonstrate the potential of new interactive technologies such as AR, VR, MR, AI, and human-machine interfaces. Subsequently, our Viennese digital experts Christopher Widauer and Lukas Kauer will discuss and illuminate structures and needs in Hessen in a workshop.