Fehrenbach. Holistic Sustain.


Um Qualität neu zu denken und individuelle Lösungen für Unternehmen zu finden, bringt Christine Fehrenbach in ihrer Arbeit Menschen mit unterschiedlichsten Perspektiven und Kompetenzen zusammen. Dabei greift sie zurück auf ein großes Netzwerk aus Akteuren aus der Wirtschaft, Hochschulen, Kultur, Kunst, Werbung  und Design. Die Zusammenführung von unterschiedlichen Fächigkeiten ermöglicht ihr passgenaue Angebote zu entwickeln, die die Herausforderungen von heute berücksichtigen.The combination of different skills allows her to develop tailor-made offers that take the challenges of today into account.

Innovative product and design developments. Digital transformation conversions. Omnichannelkoncepts. Cradle to Cradle Consulting and process support. Retail concepts and design. Creating sustainable spaces. Transformation support in the company. Interim management. Design and communication implementations.

Beneficial Design Institute

Beneficial Design Institute

Prof. Friederike von Wedel Parlow 

Consultant for sustainable fashion and founder of the Beneficial Design Institute, Friederike von Wedel Parlow has worked as a fashion designer, launched her own label, taught at ESMOD and edited a guide to fair fashion. In 2016 she founded the Beneficial Design Institute, through which she works as a consultant for sustainable businesses and helps large corporations make their production more sustainable. 

Magdalena Schaffrin

Magdalena Schaffrin

Designer, founder, consultant, creative director and author Magdalena Schaffrin is at the centre of a developing movement. For her commitment to making sustainable fashion socially respectable and visible in the fashion world, she was given the 2009 Berlin Environmental Award in the category Economy and Innovation. 


Interior Park


We believe the environment in which we live and work should not just be a beautiful but also a healthy place. Out of this inner conviction we consult architects, design agencies and companies on developing and designing sustainable living spaces. At the same time, we plan and realise small and large interior design projects in the areas of offices, hotels and gastronomy as well as private spaces – always applying our own high demands on creativity and, when possible, applying the “cradle-to-cradle-principle” Our expertise in environmentally friendly furnishing solutions is thereby absolutely unique in all of Germany.

InteriorPark. Consulting combines interior design and responsibility, aesthetics and ecology and function and durability. In short, InteriorPark. Consulting stands for a radically better climate in living spaces.

Tina Kammer and Andrea Herold

Partner of Gherzi Europe

Partner of Gherzi Germany Office Berlin

Anton Schumann


As a fully integrated consultant to textiles & garments, we have developed a unique understanding of the key drivers of entire value chain. The significant industrial experience of our in-house expert teams facilitates a practical implementation of projects.


Examples of services
Introduction and industrial application of I industry 4.0 principals (IoT and digital manufacturing)
Introduction and application of new business models
Development of CSR policies
Ethical and responsible sourcing / manufacturing
New business models
Social compliance
Sustainability and environmental compliance
Enhancing traceability and transparency in the supply chain
Optimisation of raw material consumption
Water and effluent treatment plants (zero discharge)
Techno-economic feasibility studies, evaluation of investment proposals, technical feasibility evaluations
Textile & garment industry sector studies and blue prints
Sustainable Textile SchoolR for top executives

Katja Noschis Delaloye


Katja Noschis Delaloye


Katja Noschis Delaloye is the founder of Couture Consultancy. She speaks five languages and brings over 25 years of experience, working in the fashion industry. She has worked for small, big, emerging and established structures. In major fashion capitals including Milan, London, New York and in other cities like Zürich, Geneva and more recently Frankfurt, both as an employee and as an independent consultant.

Among other she launched MR PORTER with Natalie Massenet, founder of the Net-A-Porter Group, in 2011. She recently worked as the e-commerce and online strategy manager for The Listener in Frankfurt. From 2020-2022 she partnered with Maker’s Row & Embark Live to be one of their top tier expert. She is currently working as a consultant for American and European fashion and lifestyle brands. 

Béatrice Steimer Art Photography Kunst

Béatrice Steimer


Béatrice Steimer is an artist and filmmaker living in Frankfurt. She studied at Städelschule Frankfurt and finished with the most prestigious title of Meisterschülerin of Willem de Rooij.Her graduation work was shown in MMK Frankfurt. She is also an award winning photographer. Her film and installation works have been shown at Venice biennale, MMK, MAC, Goethe Institut Curitiba , Biennale Brazil Curitiba as a curator and as an artist, amongst others.Her work consists of a multilayered, multidimensional imagery that is blended with the same characterization of thought process and concept making behind it. She is continuously weaving images, languages and diverse philosophical approaches together and her work leads to worlds beyond this one.