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"Empowering companies and institutions to become a more holistic, sustainable and successful version of themselves".

We are: Co-Creators - Co-thinkers, Co-entrepreneurs, Designers and Companions

Our goal is to make companies and institutions fit for the future again in a world that is changing ever faster and becoming ever more complex, and to strengthen them holistically. This requires an approach that is precisely tailored to the respective company. Transition strategies also play an important role in this process in order to successively implement the changes in the company. 

The further development of a brand is an opportunity for companies and institutions to make themselves permanently fit for the future and to find solutions that make them more resilient in these challenging times. The art is to know what tomorrow's customers want and need-so as to develop the best and most sustainable concepts and products for them. 

This change can take place through short-term project support or through a comprehensive transformation and coaching process also involving my partners and their different competencies.

It is about renewal: of internal processes, about the development of circular products. It's about good design, about meaningful communication - also in the use of digital products. And it's also about the right collaborations and possibly new business models.

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Our process
Our process



Transformation Consulting.

We advise companies in the transformation process towards more sustainability and circularity.

We empower areas in companies so that they have an impact beyond their area into the company through their actions. 

Group Coaching - Individual Coaching - Transformation Empowerment 

Brand Development. Brand Purpose.

Accompanying brand concepts with a new understanding of quality and real value creation.

From the development of the positioning of the purpose, the strategy to the supervision of the realization and implementation in different channels.


Creative consultant for future-proof, customer-centric marketing campaigns that reflect a unified brand statement with a focus on omnichannel capability.

Brand Communications.

Development of consistent communications across all channels based on adopted brand positioning and customer needs.

Future trends.

Consultation of substantial future trends, adaptation and alignment for opportunities within the company.

Persona development.

Development of personas as representative agents for communication creation and offer processes. Use of multidimensional quantitative and qualitative data.

Creative Consulting.

From briefing agencies to accompanying and supervising the entire creative and design process.

Value-added concepts.

Development and production of relevant content and communication concepts based on the different needs of the clients and the strategic goals of the company.

Innovation projects.

In cooperation with international partners and specialists from the fields of fashion and product design, innovative concepts and sustainable products are developed with a focus on circular economy and cradle to cradle. Design thinking plays an important role in the development of the innovation culture, as does embedding it in the organizational context.