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Hessen Design Agora Talks Circularity

Design for a circular society - in dialogue to shape the transformation

REVIEW 15.06. Darmstadt Schader Foundation.
It is wonderful to see how the format of the Agora expands from time to time and allows for many new activities and experiments. The topic of transformation to a sustainable economy and society has achieved new impulses and an important networking of different sectors and will continue to develop.

Tatiana Soto Bermudez from the Schader Foundation and Cornelia Dollacker, designer and managing director of Hessen Design, were joined at the round table by seven experts on the topics of circular design, circular economy and circular society:
Prof. Dr. Susanne Ritzmann from the Kassel Institute for Sustainability at the University of Kassel.
Andreas Milk , designer and managing director of the MILK Agency for Packaging Design & Innovation 
Christine Fehrenbach , Chairman of the Board of Hessen Design and Consultant for Transformation, Brand Development and Sustainability 
Michael Weber , Innovation Consultant and Managing Director of the Creators Collective from Wiesbaden 
Conny Gärtner , Head of the FrankfurtRhineMain district association of Mittelstand. BVMW eV 
Professor Ursula Tischner , Wilhelm Büchner University and econcept Agency for Sustainable Design 
 Nadja Hempel from the Social Design Lab of the Hans Sauer Foundation