Fehrenbach. Holistic Sustain.

Lecturer at AMD

Lectures Sustainability Design Fashion Social Media Communication Circularity

Christine Fehrenbach is a lecturer for Sustainable Brands and Social Media in the international course of studies at the AMD (Academy for Fashion and Design) Berlin. "In this semester we work, like many others, via videoconferencing on the overarching theme of the "positive impact project", which was holistically considered and multi-layeredly implemented by the students. From material development, recyclability, design development to communication with a focus on social media.  It is wonderful to see what great results have been achieved despite the current challenge".https://www.amdnet.de/standort/amd-akademie-mode-design-berlin/


Projects from the students of AMD Berlin

INASKA: Sarah Botha, Rozela Franco, Niyati  Mata,  Dalia Grosz,  Tanmoy Paul

Laminarium: Miriam Barnhart, Joan Flenghi, Marissa Oswald,  Alejandra Yurjevicz

Dr. Hauschka:  Jacobina Ndapandula Kashanu, Niamh Mannion, Mst Fatematuz Zohora, Karli Cumber