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Frankfurt will become the Fashion City 2021 with a focus on sustainability and digitalisation. "Frankfurt Fashion week" with the title "Unveiling the Unexpected" How do we manage to anchor this topic, what must be done to create a new awareness for the purchase of sustainable fashion among the people of Frankfurt? Crises promote developments that have been around for a long time but were not always seen as relevant. For example, the topics of sustainability and digitalisation, which are currently experiencing a disruptive acceleration due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The topic of sustainable fashion is becoming more important and is playing an increasing role in the customer's decision-making process for a garment. It's about commitment to a new way of living, it's about transparency, it's about authenticity. There are now so many new ways to consume consciously, from share, upcycling, recycling, new innovative materials to vegan fashion. However, many consumers are still not aware of this topic and the knowledge about the ecological and social impact of the production of clothing is still low. I would like to change that.the following questions are central: How do you convince people of the relevance of a fashion transformation towards sustainability? How do you create impulses, how do you encourage people to participate? What can this communication look like? Thoughts: Role models/influencers, innovations, artistic visualisations can have a changing effect.

Who can create impulses, how can we implement it visually so that it is convincing. Using the artistic media of photography and film, we bring together content from different perspectives and develop a creative space for different target groups. Topics are: sustainable standards, circular economy, share, recycling, upcycling, vegan, innovative materials.  Result: Filmic, photographic, visual representations of the interviewees and the content in the form of a presentation to be shown to selected groups and presented on different platforms.

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