Christine Fehrenbach

The blind Spot

The blind spot - designers at the Bauhaus and today 

The blind spot - designers at the Bauhaus and today. 

This exhibition in the 100th anniversary year of the Bauhaus is dedicated to the appreciation of female design achievements between 1919 and 2019. In seven design areas: Industrial, furniture, textile and graphic design, photography and architecture. In an exciting dialogue, seven Bauhaus designers will be juxtaposed with seven contemporary designers who today represent a certain avant-garde. This can be experienced through the exhibits on display.

These draw attention to the relevance of historical design achievements and attitudes as well as to contemporary ways of thinking and design philosophies. Along the biographies of the fourteen designers, "Der blinde Fleck" develops a critical contribution to current social debates. Based on the then radically modern maxim of equality at the Bauhaus, what perspective can be formulated for the current positioning of female designers and their young, innovative works in the design economy on a regional, national and international level?

For curator Cornelia Dollacker, the programme for the exhibition is based on the quote by designer Karin Greiling: "We see the old through the new. Particularly under the impressions of dynamics such as #MeToo and a newly flaming feminism, curator Cornelia Dollacker explains: "Sharpening the public perception of female designers is indispensable for modern design and a modern society.

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